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In our 6th season, Kansas City Public Theatre is working to re-frame the ongoing narrative that theatre audiences aren’t interested in new work. With so many in the theatre industry calling for change, there’s not a better time to show how theatre can invest in community.

Our vision for this season: to RADICALLY focus on the voices of our community. That’s right…it’s ALL NEW WORK and ALL LOCAL PLAYWRIGHTS!!! We’re even more excited to announce that due to the sheer number of talented playwrights who submitted for this season, on top of our regular Mainstage and Theatre Lab programming, we’re adding a new program: The Playwright’s Roundtable, a forum for playwrights to collaborate, network, get feedback on their work, and most importantly, strengthen our community of theatre creators in Kansas City.

Learn more about all of the exciting things we have coming up at kcpublictheatre.org

All events are FREE at the door.

Season Schedule:
October 14th at PH Coffee
Theatre Lab “for…girls” by Darren Canady
November 17-19 at The Black Box + Community Tour
Main Stage “The Real Barbee Unmasked” by Victoria Barbee
December 2nd at PH Coffee
Theatre Lab “Gulag Girls” by Shea Ketchum
February 3rd at PH Coffee
Theatre Lab “Totality” by Sarah Aptilon
April 6th at PH Coffee
Theatre Lab “Novel” by Ryan Bernsten
May 16-20 Theatre Lab FEST (Location TBA)
Main Stage “The Head of Medusa” by Emmy Panzica-Piontek and Kitty Corum
Theatre Lab “Tamale Season” by Gary Enrique Bradley-Lopez
Theatre Lab “Besties” by Emma Carter

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