Earlier today MTH Theater at Crown Center announced a partnership with Kansas City based performance art collective Quixotic to re-open the 440 seat Theater located on the fourth floor of Crown Center. Formerly the American Heartland Theatre, the venue is being refurbished to accommodate a 3 month installment of an updated version of Quixotic’s SENSATIA.

SENSATIA was an installed residency show that ran in Miami for a year and was a sold out success. With this version of the show, Quixotic will take the foundation of the show and give it a Kansas City twist by adding elements of the rich Jazz scene that surrounds Kansas City.

MTH Theater takes on the responsibility of staffing, ticketing, and patron services for Quixotic. “This is a tremendous opportunity for MTH. When Crown Center approached us we knew we wanted to be involved,” said Chad Gerlt, President/CEO of MTH. “We know the excitement and quality of production that Quixotic brings to the table. Hopefully this will lead to future opportunities for MTH.”

Quixotic is an innovative performance art collective that fuses imagination with technology, dance, projection mapping and live music to create fully-immersive, multi-sensory experiences. Quixotic was given Silicon Valley’s unofficial stamp of genius when they were invited to perform at the global TED Conference in 2012. A unique blend of performance art, technology and emotion. Quixotic fuses all these elements in to what the New York Times branded an “innovative circus performance.”

MTH Theater at Crown Center was founded by George Harter in 1998 as a vehicle to expand his syndicated radio show, “A Night On The Town.” Over the last 20 years MTH has grown into a full production company producing over 20 unique productions annually as well as cultivating a nationally recognized education program. With annual attendance of nearly 50,000 people, MTH presents a mix of musicals, original revues, and cabarets on its two stages. Under the leadership of President/CEO Chad Gerlt, MTH continues to be one of the fastest-growing professional companies in the region.

For more information or to purchase tickets for SENSATIA visit sensatiakc.com