In a terribly fraught time like this, we appreciate that our community is thinking of the arts and Kansas City Actors Theatre. We care about Kansas City as much as the community cares about us.

We recently shared this video message on social media and by e-mail to our patrons as an update and message of solidarity:

We’re all doing okay at KCAT. What’s greatly important to us right now?

  1. Making sure members of our community are staying safe and healthy so that they can be there in the theater with us when we all come out on the other side of this.
  2. Making sure that we can put this city’s actors and designers and other theater professionals back to work, earning their livings, as soon as medical professionals, the community, and we know it’s the right time.
  3. Keeping our artists and audiences out of the theater until we all feel it’s safe to gather together again to watch smart stories together.

Here is what we know now:

  • We have plans to remount St. Nicholas starring Victor Raider-Wexler and directed by Dennis Hennessy, again with our friends at The Buffalo Room. We think that will happen in the fall, depending on the timeline of this health crisis.
  • We are committed to our 5-show Season 16 (The CakeJesus Hopped the ‘A’ TrainThe DresserBetrayal, and The Christians), although the order of shows, dates and locations could move around on the calendar based on what we learn in the coming weeks.

And because we’re all safely at home right now, we have immediate plans to start connecting our audiences to our various artists in some creative ways in the coming days and weeks. These projects will be shared on the Kansas City Actors Theatre Facebook page.

We appreciate our community’s continued patronage and generous support. We encourage everyone to socially-distance themselves, wash their hands constantly, avoid touching their face, check in frequently with the people they love, and keep the faith that we’ll all be together in the theater again soon.

Darren Sextro, KCAT Board President