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Our story begins like so many others– picture a sunny afternoon, refreshing beverages enjoyed on a downtown patio, and five passionate artists gathering to laugh and ask questions like “What if?” and “Could we?”. Fast forward a decent length of time, and here we are today.
Forge Repertory Theatre was founded on the ideals of inclusivity, the value of perspective, and the celebration of the past reemerging in the present. Our goal is tri-fold: to bring to light new perspectives; to pair established talent with emerging artists in an effort to inspire growth and form lasting connections; and to create theatre that reflects the truly diverse nature of Kansas City.
Our mission is this– As a professional community of artists creating and revitalizing work through collaborative storytelling, we are committed to: building theatrical sustainability through a repertory approach; breathing life into stories of all shapes and sizes; igniting conversations which value diverse perspectives and experiences; and fostering a welcoming environment that is accessible to all.
Much like a blacksmith’s forge tests, refines, and purifies to craft the most beautiful masterpieces, we aim to reexamine the familiar and kindle a new spirit of artistry and appreciation.
Forge Repertory Theatre is a pending 501(c)(3) organization.

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